Friday Links

Summer takes such an important role for us as we take advantage and spend more time with family and friends...more hours at the pool, less on the computer, more time hanging out in nature, less time on the internet....I am very excited for all the adventures we have coming this summer and so my blogging will be spotty.  But I do hope to keep you entertained, or at least in the know through my Instagram. I hope you will follow along. In the meantime a few links for you this weekend-

||  I loved this home DIY's very me, yes? 

||  This is a fun office tour.  

|| I can't wait to read this book this summer.  And I have an autographed copy!  My mom is the best! I can't wait to read all those pearls of wisdom Betty shares.

||  Need an important present for that person that has everything? This is fun. 

|| These sandals in any color! 

Enjoy your summer....and work on your wits getting sharper!


[Photo by AC]