File Under || (New Series!)

I am constantly collecting names of interesting websites, cool designers I come across, novel products....anything and everything that strikes my fancy.  All these things I want to file away for future use.  If I put them here on the blog they will be filed here FOREVER! Perfect! I have such a running list of these and never seem to get an individual post out for them.  So I decided to share these findings with you a few at a time. First up-

FILE UNDER- Furniture. Let's start off with this amazing black marble and brass table I saw on Instagram.  Dying, right?  So cool and simple.  It is from a shop called Epoque that carries home and street wares.  That one is going on my Christmas list!

FILE UNDER- Travel. I also discovered this amazing Scandinivian style home in the French Riviera that you can rent to vacation in. So, perfect for summer.  The house is chic, stunning, comfortable and kid-friendly....and only 300 m from the beach.  Check out the rest of the photos here. These kid-friendly homes come complete with cribs and a list of local babysitters! So through this amazing home I discovered Kid and Coe an amazing source of family friendly homes around the world.  Next stop Bali?

FILE UNDER- Tabletop. I loved discovering this line of china by Richard Ginori at Barney's.  Perfect for entertaining and for mixing and matching with your current china.

FILE UNDER-Summer Reading. Funny how one thing leads to another.  My mom and I were visiting Bergdorf's last weekend.  While I was admiring the cheeky and colorful Libertine designs my mom compliments this stunning lady and tells her she looks very chic.  The lady is lovely and friendly and turns out to be the legendary Betty Halbreich, now author of I'll Drink To That. Talk about being charming, witty and having a standout personality. Betty is everything and more of what you have read and heard. She invited us to her office and would have stayed visiting with her for hours.  Dying to read her book this summer.

FILE UNDER- New York. Walking on Fifth Avenue with Little Miss A what should we find but the prettiest door that leads us to a French-American library called Albertine.  What a fun coincidence.  The bookstore is stunning...the bookcases, the lamps, the ceiling (above).  What a fun surprise.  Don't worry we took plenty of bookmarks with our names on them.

FILE UNDER- Home Accessories. I adore everything about this image (all that crisp white!). The beautiful vases are by Paul Schneider Ceramics. But their lamps are equally as stunning. Check them out.

 Scouring the web for these fun and interesting finds. xx