Happy Mother's Day Weekend

I love Mother's Day. We play triplets around here....my mom, daughter and I always plan our outfits so we are sure to dress the same.  Thank goodness for mothers who protect and love us no matter what.  I found this quote to be so funny "By the time you realize your mother was right, you have a daughter who thinks you are wrong." aaahhh...the cycle of life.  I'm at the point where I know my mother was right but my daughter still thinks I'm right.  HEAVEN!  Ok, a few links-

|| Loving this leafy fabric and all the furniture collection you can get it in.

|| Such adorable sandals and only $55.

|| Off-the-shoulder goodness- this dress and this one.

|| These would be my summer uniform- this embroidered dress
and this striped one.

||  I wish this ring were in my budget. Good Vibes Only please.

Pamper your moms and cuddle your babies.  Have a wonderful weekend.

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