Gift Guide || Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day and not only because I get plenty pampered at home (think breakfast in bed, eating cake as a mid-morning snack in a bubble bath.....) but also because mom, daughter and I strive to dress exactly the same....I wonder what outfit we will come up with this year!  In the meantime here are some goodies to keep in mind for your mom-

 1 || Palm Leaf Tote.  Whether she takes it to the market, a picnic or the beach she will sure be chic with this tote.

2 ||  Rose Candle. Nothing sweetens life and improves any mood than a rose sent, plus no one can have too many candles.

3 || Pineapple and Banana Leaf Trinket plates.  These are versatile and fun.  Perfect for mom's terrace or outdoor space.

4 || Turquoise Ball Earrings. Your mom will be the center of attention with this sassy silk party earrings.  Fun and festive!

5 || Hello Beautiful Trinket Dish.  Remind your mom just how beautiful she is is!

6 ||  Pineapple Pouch. It has a pineapple and a cute pompom?  yes, please!

7 ||  Hedgehog Dish.  This sweet message will melt your mom's heart.

8 || Pig Key Fob.  This cute little pig can be used as a key fob or bag charm.  Pigs are symbols for fortune, honesty and happiness.

9 || Straw Hat.  Nothing like a chic hat to protect your mom's skin during the sunny summer months.

10 || Monogrammed Linens from Halo Home.  Mom will love anything from this fabulous shop!  And they are all heirloom pieces, so they are really gifts for future generations as well.

11 ||  Personalized Stationery.  Choose from beautiful fonts and pretty colors.  Nothing says "I LOVE YOU" like letterpress.

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