Friday Links

Pretty things are made to be displayed! Yes?  Gathering inspiration from the Coveteur, I did a small photoshoot of jewelry all around my house.  You can get that pretty (and so comfortable to wear necklace here). The fabulous panting is by Susie Bettenhausen. Her works are inspired by the ocean and the happy life  by the beach, so of course her works are light and cool (see her pretty pieces for sale). And the necklace is from here.  And for those of you admiring the gold sequins hanger it's from here.  Well, happy Friday and here are some links for you-

|| I wish I had a spot in my home for this amazing gold etagere

||  I love having a faux fiddle fig tree- it ALWAYS looks beautiful, and I don't have to sweat over it. If it had been real, it would have lasted me one month- tops!  The best part?  No one knows it's fake! Here is a beautiful one you can own too. 

||  I loved touring this bedroom.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!