Jewelry as Decor and Weekend Links

I got a new camera for Christmas! And I'm just starting to explore working with it.  I need some lessons stat because I'm feeling a bit insecure, but I have to say I'm loving this upgrade in quality and I hope to bring better and better photos for you. 

I just had to show off my new amazing necklace from this BuDhaGirl Haute Couture one-of-a-kind collection. It comes with it's own black form and acrylic case so you can not only show it off when you wear it but also showcase it in your home as a fabulous stand-alone piece. Beauty must be displayed! Doesn't this inspire you to see your fancy shoes, special handbags and classic scares differently? Intrigued by the necklace? See the full collection here.

 Other links for the weekend-

|| Loved this article on how to best decorate with antiques.

|| Needing this vest asap.

|| Into flamingos?  You need to see this nursery and this baby shower.

||  Fab new store- Danielle Oakey's new Pillow Etsy Shop is one to add to your favorites.

Have a wonderful weekend!

[photo by Albertina Cisneros]