Interiors || Clearly Fabulous Desks

As I look into adding some finishing touches to our guest bedroom I'm pondering adding a clear desk. It could be acrylic. It could be glass.  It's not a high traffic area so I'm not worried about hand prints (that would be a pain to clean!). I'm just completely in love with the ethereal qualities and lightness a clear desk provides.  It gives a sense of orderliness in my opinion.  Here are a few different examples-

They are striking in a very subtle way, don't you think?  You can put them anywhere and it won't interrupt the flow of a room because you you can see through it.  I find them quite magical actually.

If you too are considering one here are some I found- This is a beautiful option.  And this one from Wayfair has the perfect dimensions. This glass desk has a great price and so does this one. Plus a few extra more-

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