On My Mind || A Bit of Geometry

I love looking through Kelly Wearstler's portfolio of bold and luxurious spaces.  I jsut discovered this home she did and really could not love the wall stone any more!  The pink color, the way the stone is cut and the contrast of the dark vanity with gold accents is perfection.  Visit the rest of the apartment here.
Stacked boxes are a great look for shelves or coffee tables. These black and white ones are very chic.  I love Waylande Gregory anything but this small bowl's pattern is sensational and it has has that cool modern vibe to it.  I have been quite intrigued by these flats that everyone seems to own and wear lately.  Well, my friend recently got them and she says they are extremely comfortable, plus they come in all sorts of colors.  I'm thinking I need to be on trend with tehse and get them rightThis ultra femenine yet sexy top (it's a bit sheer!) with the dramatic peplum is the perfect balance between sweet and daring. I'm kind of obsessed with flatware lately....there are so many gorgeous options lately.  And this copper and white one is a sensational addition to my wishlist.  And reading the reviews I was convinced they are not as delicate as they seem. Win!

Happy Thursday friends!