One Room Challenge || A Few of My Favorites

The One Room Challenge (ORC) reveals occurred last week and they were exciting!  You all know I'm a huge fan of the ORC (If you remember I participated here and here and here as a linker).  And I was thrilled to go through them and enjoy everyone's proud work this time around. I wanted to share with you some of my favorites.

The One Room Challenge was created by Linda from Calling it Home where twenty very talented professional bloggers and designers redo a room in just six weeks and they update everyone once a week. If you have never followed along you need to do so in the Spring. It is so much fun. Linda has grown this challenge to be a highly anticipated time of the year for both viewers and participants.  Because everyone, and I mean everyone, who has a design blog wants to be invited to participate.  The results are stellar and so varied.  I love how you can beautiful ideas on living rooms, bathrooms, all kinds of styles.  And also, I think reading about how designers make their decisions is also really fun.

Ok, so let's start off with Cassie's show-stopper of a living room! The bold colors and fabrics, the artwork!   Sensational, just like she is.  See the entire room here.

Tobe's dining area is so clean and crisp. I love the airiness around it and how practical and cool it is.  See more of it here.

Sue designed this beautiful and elegant bathroom.  I almost used this wallpaper in  my powder bathroom so was thrilled to see how beautiful it is in hers.  Lovely!  And I also love her mirror selection!  (I used it here).  Great minds! #Decoratingtwins.  See the rest of her amazing bathroom here

 [The Pink Clutch]  

You must visit this colorful and fun dining/kitchen area designed by Paige. I really love this dragon print  created by The Pink Pagoda. You can read more about it here. And her choice in wallpaper could not be better. To see the entire space visit herePaige shares little peeks into the rest of her house and it is stunning!

[The Pink Pagoda]

Speaking of The Pink Pagoda, Jennifer designed a beautiful entry for the ORC as well. I just fell in love with this secretary.  I am now dreaming of putting a secretary somewhere in my home. See the rest of this entry here.
[Decor Happy]

The perfect Parisian bedroom if you ask me!  So feminine and chic.  I also have simple molding in my bedroom so of course loved her version. See the rest here.

[The English Room]

Another fabulous and colorful room.  You will get so inspired by this one.  I mean malachite fabric drapes?! Yes, please.  And the artwork is stunning.  If you love art this will be a fun one for you to learn about new sources. See the rest of this space here.

[Design Manifest]

Naomi always does an amazing job with her projects, and this one is no exception.  Fabulous.  Take a look here.  And if you ever go to Philly you can stay here because she will have it in AirB&B.
[Design Indulgence]

Sherry always has an amazing plan and execution.  This is my favorite corner of her design.  I'm in love with this fabric and want to come over and play chess here or something.  See the rest of the space here.

[Design Darling]

 If you love preppy and blue and white you will enjoy this bathroom and guest room reveal by Mackenzie.  This wallpaper is so good!

[Kimberly Whitman]

A truly handsome and elegant old-world family room.  I love how elegant and cozy this room by Kimberly is.  The black, white and green are perfection.  See the entire room here.

Which other reveals were your favorites?  it is always so fun to see other people's homes and be inspired by their creativity right?