Monograms for the Home by Kimberly Whitman

If you love monograms you will adore this book, Monograms for the Home, by Kimberly Whitman. Growing up I always had the prettiest monogrammed sheets and towels with my first and middle name initials "AM"- for Albertina Maria.  Because all these sheets and towels were so beautiful and of such good quality my mom kept everything for her grandchildren to enjoy someday.  And good thing we had a daughter because now all these monogrammed treasures could come out to see the light of day again.  And, of course, I was going to make sure my daughter's first and middle initial would also be "AM", so she could give a second life to all my childhood sheets and towels.  

When monograms are this important to you, you know you will absolutely adore a book about the topic, especially when there is such fabulous monogram inspiration behind every page. A book like this can only have been created by someone with amazing style and taste and Kimberly Whitman unites these qualities and then some.  She really takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. She is beautiful, sweet and so hardworking (this is her seventh book!), plus she has a blog (for all those interior design readers she was part of the One Room Challenge this last Spring as well)  writes articles for magazines, does radio and TV appearances, and is mother to two adorable kids. The launch of her book, Monograms for the Home,  comes at a perfect time for the inauguration of Halo Home, a line of spectacular linens she designed that can be monogrammed.  Here they are-

Such pretty guest towels right? I just love the fringe.

 The cocktail napkins are so cute as well, and I just love the color palette. And here is one last photo of the book with those beautiful blooms in the back.

You can purchase this beautiful book here.  And you can see all the other books Kimberly has published here-

[all photos by John Cain ]