On My Mind || Fringed Gloves and More

What about those fabulous long-sleeved fringed gloves???!!  OMG #obsessed!  Not sure how they would look on me but I have to say I'm very intrigued.  This gold and black bucket has that classic vintage vibe and is only $ 55.  I think any bar would benefit from an ice bucket that pretty.  The pineapple trinket dish is an easy cute addition to any vignette around your house.

That plaid shirt dress screams fall uniform to me. I would wear it with some cute tights and booties. So cute.  The Gypset trilogy is a great gift and awesome to have yourself.  I was leafing through my friend's books and I was mesmerized by the photos and storytelling.  The cute pink dress because it's feminine, and flirty and everyone looks good in hot pink.  Ok, now about the earrings. I have been completely in love with Oscar's tassel earrings for a few years now and I'm just not over them.  Love this ombre pair.  And last but not least, these sandals are chic and seem so comfortable with the lower heel.

What cute things do you have on your mind lately?