Interiors || Rugs by Luke Irwin

Rug maker to royalty and the stars, Luke Irwin, is now debuting a rug collection for us normal folk at Anthropologie. The Dublin-born artist was a student of master weavers in Kathmandu and has been influenced by Nepal's traditional weaving techniques. Prince William and Kate Middleton are owners of some of his rugs and since I admire Kate so much, this just seals the deal for me. In this collaboration with Anthropologie he created themes of Swedish geometrics and antiqued Indo-tibetan abstracts. His images are meant to be reminiscent of drying plaster.

All the rugs are handmade in India and they are subtle yet fabulous.  This one is my favorite.  They are not inexpensive, but they seem to be heirloom quality for sure.

Here the others from the collection-


[images via Anthropologie]