Interiors || Pedro Friedeberg Hand Chair

I have learned so much after all these years of interior design blogging. I have learned about decorating rules, furniture pieces, designers, artists, as well as awesome DIYs.  I have been endlessly inspired by the beautiful interiors photographs I love collecting in my pinterest. So, the list of pieces I covet for my home just gets longer and longer.  The more I learn and research, the more pieces I want to collect. If you read my blog regularly you know what I mean- a Lindsey Adelman pendant, Scalamandre pillows, malachite boxes and, most definitely, a Pedro Friedberg hand chair among many, many other things. They are original, fantastic and somewhat irreverent.  I love how these chairs challenge the scale of a room and how its graceful fingers are so inviting to admire and attractive to the eye. They definitely stand for style rather than comfort. Let me show you more interior design pics of them so you too can become equally as obsessed as I am-

Pedro Friedeberg is a Mexican artist born in the 30s and I was so happy to hear he is still working and quite productive. His work is surrealist and likes to use ancient and religious symbols.  His hand chair became very popular during the 60s and 70s and remains super chic even today (in my opinion!).

Because his hand chairs are quite expensive (take a look here to see what I'm talking about) I set the idea aside of ever owning a Friedeberg chair.  This was until I learned he creates miniature hand/foot chairs for decoration.  I noticed the small sculpture over at my friend's home and asked her about it right away.  It turns out that her father-in-law is good friends with Pedro Friedeberg's gallerist. And guess what now decorates my family room-

This little piece is obviously more affordable than the actual chair. And guess what? My friend has a few others she can sell!  So, if you are interested let me know and I will put you in touch!  I'm totally #obsessed! 

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