On My Mind || Brights

I have a list of some pretty and bright things for you today, which I hope you will love!  Those hot pink chairs are on sale at $319 for a set of two!  I have similar ones and let me tell you that I paid plenty more for them.  You can use them as accent chairs flanking a console and they would add so much interest with that awesome color.  They come in other colors too.  Now, let's please all focus on this fabulous print titled Seventh HeavenMinted's art collection keeps getting better and better and this print is proof of this.  It is by my sweet and talented friend Steph, whom you remember from this introduction I made of her fabulous etsy shop. I'm so excited now you can now own a print of her work.

You all know I'm kind of obsessed with cocktail napkins and just love these!  I love the style and type of monogram.  Get some for yourself or as a fabulous hostess gift. Now those hosts would love you forever, right? Especially if you accompany them with a bottle of champagne.  This fun red dress is ideal for date night and it's only $48.  The red hue is perfection.  Many people would think I'm crazy for ever owning a pink blazer....but let me tell you that I have worn mine to death, literally. I have to throw mine out and so I'm currently on the hunt for a replacement. And I think this one is it. I love the shade and the cut and already know how much I will wear it.  How, you ask?  I like wearing it with a simple top beneath, jeans and pink shoes. These Fiesta or Siesta Cocktail napkins are so fun.  And this Casablanca orangey Nars lipstick is on my radar to try on for fall.  I love that it is nice and bright.

What bright things have caught your eye lately?