Friday Links

Happy Friday!  I'm out of breath.....which is a good thing.  I'm busy and loving it.  Here are some fun links for your weekend reading.

||  If you love vintage finds you need to follow @pklthecellar on Instagram.   They offer amazing treasures for sale everyday on Instagram and its quite addictive.  Fingers crossed I'm getting a little something from them soon.  I'm dying its so good.

|| I read about this new re-designed hotel in Chicago and have it bookmarked.  Keep it in your files if you are headed that way.

||  Love to cook? Don't really know what the best way to peel tomatoes is?  You need to read this! (you are welcome!).  

||  I need this skirt for fall!

||  It is all about statement rings.  Designs are getting cooler, so creative and original. Keep your fingers interesting.

|| If you are a DIYer you need to see this tutorial to do faux marble countertops.

|| I loved Gaby's roundup for Fall with a bit of lavender.

Have a good one! xx

[image via My Domaine]