Interiors || 7 Favorite items from CB2

Aside from the mountain of bills I came home to there was also a huge mountain of catalog.  And as I flipped through them quickly before tossing them there was one catalog that kept me flipping through....all the way to the end. It was the CB2 catalog. There were so many beautiful things that caught my eye.  The first was that amazing four poster bed with brass corners.  So chic and with such a nice price.

The marble shelf I thought could be perfect in a bathroom or kitchen. The brass pendant is fabulous.  I adore my gold flatware and think everyone should invest in some. I have it for 8 people but keep thinking I need to get more to feed 12.  I think CB2s version of the flatware is perfect.  The gold trash can would look cute anywhere.  You all know I love an Acapulco chair, which I have outdoors. But I just fell in love with this leather indoor version called the Sayulita chair.  It's kind of dramatic.  They are actually really comfortable. And last, but not least, this cute little Mongolian lamb stool with brass legs.  You are seeing CB2 in a whole new light right?