One Room Challenge || Mudroom - My Snake Skin Table

So happy it's Thursday again as I get to fill you in on the progress I have made in my mudroom for the One Room Challenge Linking Participants.  The One Room Challenge was started by Linda from Calling it Home some years ago where she lines up twenty very talented professional bloggers and designers to redo a room in just six weeks.  They share their progress every Wednesday (see my past projects here and here).  And the Linking Participants (anyone can join!) report their progress on Thursdays.  If you are just tuning in for the first time you can see week 1 and week 2.  In this week 3 I have something phenomenal to share with you!!  My NEW and AMAZING upholstered snakeskin waterfall table!!!  Dying yet???!!!  I can't even contain my excitement. Let me tell you all about it-

A while ago through this fabulous platform you may know called Instagram I came accross an Etsy store called livenUPdesign.  They do x-benches, beds, cornices and all kinds of upholstering.  But what I found to be the most exciting thing ever were the upholstered tables (they also do grasscloth).  My creativity started flowing when I saw what they had to offer. Especially when I saw the banana leaf table.  Nope, you did not die and just go to heaven.  So, I thought one of their tables would be great for my little mudroom. And for some strange reason I had the idea I wanted it made of snakeskin or crocodile skin.  It took some digging (there are horrific looking snake fabrics out there) I found a shiny, silvery, snake print from Calico (style name: cobra, color: meteorite).  YUM!!! I emailed back and forth with the livenUPdesign owner, Jenn, who is the nicest person to work with ever.  She really is so patient and accommodating and just an all around delight.  

The table arrived and it is even more beautiful than I expected.  It is beautifully crafted and, if I may say so myself, the fabric choice blows it out of the water.  WOW, it is a stunner.  I mean like entry console stunner and not mudroom material AT ALL.....but alas, this is where it is going to go because it will be a super chic space.  Since I have not done anything else in the space I wanted to style the table to show you it in all its glory.  I placed it in my entrance hall and borrowed things from my other tables to show it off for you all. I want to convince you to go immediately to their shop and bookmark it for future reference.  Here are more photos-

Am I right??  Isn't livenUPdesign  a great find?  I can't wait to see how it will look in its real space.  I ordered a piece of glass for the top.....but so many more things to do still!!

Here is my to-do list-
||  Find waterfall console table 
||  Will I do trim in here again? Yes, I will!
||  Need table lamp, bench, bin
||  Art- I want to display some art and maybe a Fornasetti plate or two?
|| Mirrors?
|| Accessories- a box for receipts, tray for keys and hooks

That is it for now!  Go check on the other Linking Participants to see what they are up to!

[all photos by AC]