All About Easter

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and Passover weekend.  Ours was exactly perfect despite the cold and rainy weather. But I have to say we are exhausted from all the running around.  We saw the musical the King and I which was so much fun, we decorated eggs, had sleepovers, playdates, egg hunts etc. etc, etc.  It was a busy but unforgettable weekend. I really love gifting Miss A. a German paper egg every year with some treats inside.  I do this rather than a basket. They are not easy to find but know that World Market usually carries them.  If you want to stock up for next year they are on sale now.

I am not very good at following up with you after holidays.  I take all the photos but am slow to download them and by the time I get around to it the photos seem no longer relevant. I'm hoping to get better at this and so here are some photos of our Easter-

Do you remember my inspiration for my Easter table decor with lemons and the beautiful leaf decorated eggs I showed you last week here? Well, here is our version of our Easter eggs.

My daughter and I loved making these.  We went to the yard to see what we could find. It was easy and pretty.  They added a touch of magic to our breakfast.

I got fresh flowers and lemons for our centerpiece.

I finally used the monogrammed napkins that my dear friends got me for my birthday last year. I really love the two toned monogram and the pretty script. I got them at Madison (a local Dallas Store).  Their monogrammed napkin options are spectacular.  I also love these from Lettermade if you want to order online.

I attempted to make puff pastry from scratch this weekend.  This was an exciting accomplishment for me. It was fun, time consuming and the end result divine!  Nothing tastes like homemade puff pastry.  It was for the onion tart you see below.  What a great dish.  I loved every.single.bite and so did everyone in my family. it's from Mimi Thorisson's new book.

I also made the Garden Cake from Mimi's book.  Not only was it a feast for the eyes but also for the mouth and soul! And so easy to make.  If you love meringue, you will love this cake. We used mint leaves and lavender leaves to decorate.

And here is the reason why these holidays take on greater meaning for me and motivate me to make as many moments as precious as I can.

Tell me about your holiday?  Did you make some good recipes I need to know about? Set a beautiful table I need to see?

Have a wonderful start to your week.

[ all photos by AC]