The Weekend

Happy Friday!! We are particularly excited because we leave for our trip to the Galapagos islands today.  One of my best friends lives in Ecuador with her family so we are all traveling together.  We are beyond excited to have this opportunity to go to such a special and singular place with such good friends.  Most of all I'm thrilled that Little Miss A. gets to develop this second generation friendship with my friend's kids (she has four!!).  She has met them twice already, but I think it takes time to really cement a strong friendship and I hope these family trips help. I'm excited to rest and relax, to see wild animals, to learn more about the island's historical importance where Darwin's work for the his theory of evolution began with his collections of species and  observations, to soak in some sun, to spend time with my family and to catch-up with my friend and her beautiful family.  Follow along on instagram.  We are ready with binoculars, animal pocket guides, camera, and tons and tons of sunscreen.  I did not leave anything programmed for the blog next week but did however, have plenty of links for you to peruse at your convenience-
||  I will be bringing this and this book.  Have you read them?  Which one should I read first?

||  This chair is fun, fun, fun

|| I fell madly in love with this Self-Portrait dress. It is almost as if it were made for feminine and delicate.  Someone buy it asap.

||  I like the trend of wearing just one very large statement earring.  Love this one by Tibi.

|| You will love Caitlin McGauley's wallpapers done from her watercolors.  They are sweet and playful. 

||  My closet was featured in Pop Sugar.  Which is very exciting!!

||  Loving the art by Laura and Kate Roebuck

|| Really coveting this leather dress that would be amazing all year round

I will miss you!!  kisses to all