Artist Spotlight || Gaspar De Jesús

Let me introduce you to the genius behind this magnificent chair aptly named the Madonna chair.  Gaspar de Jesús is a Venezuelan born artist and furniture designer that is taking the furniture design scene by storm.  I strongly believe this jaw-dropping chair will soon grace one of the famous interior design magazines at some point because it is just too good.  The chair has a flair for the dramatic while at the same time communicating strength, innovation, confidence and femininity.  He created a limited edition of only 10 chairs, so if you want one of these stainless steel beauties you must act fast.

Gaspar studied design at the Pratt Institute in New York, where a few years in a row he was chosen by the faculty to represent Pratt's best student work at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, which is quite the honor. Gaspar has also experienced one of the most exciting phenomenons of our time- reality TV!  He was one of the finalists in HGTV's Ellen's Design Challenge which aired at the beginning of this year.  Gaspar's design mantra is “Things have a magic way of speaking, make sure your creation has something to say”

And this is true.  I feel like his designs are alive and have fully formed personalities.  Here are some questions I asked Gaspar as well as more photos of his pieces-

and then I asked him some short answer questions- 

Crazy talented right?   I spoke to him over the phone and found out that his talent is nicely accompanied by sweetness and charm. Gaspar's work seems to me to be very energetic and in motion- an onward and upward trajectory if you ask me.  You can see more of his designs here.

[all photos via Gaspar De Jesús]