A Room In A Box || Remodo

I think back to the end of my freshman year in college where my roommate and I had decided we had had enough of the dorm life and wanted to move off-campus. But we needed furniture. We would follow around the graduating seniors to see what furniture they would discard.  Furniture that we could inherit on the cheap.  We scored two sofas, a dining set, bookshelves and a club chair or two. Everything was kind of mismatched and unattractive but because we didn't know any better it kind of stayed like that for the the next three years.  We didn't have anything to pull all these random things together. I would have surely loved a concept like Remodo's where they offer a whole array of coordinated accessories in the color scheme of your choosing in ONE box. What a convenient concept!

Remodo offers the cutest accessories that will finish a room off without a major effort because everything comes together in a set.  What a great gift for a graduating high school senior!  You can chose your box according to color and the kind of bed you have (twin bed sets here or queen bed sets here).  Forget about running around to different stores to get all the individual items.  A boxed set comes with sheets, a blanket, a picture frame, an agate coaster, a little trinket tray, a little pouch, two storage bins, and a throw pillow. Pretty much everything you will need!

They wanted me to style a room with one of their sets and I chose the twin black and white set.  And this is what I came up with.  It is so much more fun to be a college freshman thse days I think.  Anyone can have a stylish room now with solutions like Remodo.

I used the blanket as a headboard.  Clever, huh?  I used a couple of the Command Hooks from which I hung two pieces of ribbon and then I added a scrap of wooden molding between them so I could hang the blanket from there. 

Remodo is getting ready to offer gallery walls in a box as well.  And with all the great print choices they have already, I can only imagine what these sets will look like.

See all their set choices for twin beds here and all the sets for queens beds here.  With all those pretty patterns and colors it would be so hard to chose!  If only I were going back to college.  Those were the days.

[all photos by AC]