On My Mind || Seafoam

On my mind today is this beautiful and relaxing color seafoam.  I came across this most fabulous Venus chair by Soane and just can't stop thinking about it.  Isn't it one of the most fabulously feminine chairs you have ever seen?  It originally comes in rattan but you can have it reupholstered and I think this seafoam velvet just makes it.   It seems so inviting and comfortable and appropriately reminds me of Boticelli's The Birth of Venus. What a splendid chair design.  Other seafoam goodness-

These beautiful earrings would be on heavy rotation in my closet for Spring and Summer.  This amazing interior is from the St. James hotel in Paris ( I think I need to dedicate a whole post to this amazing hotel).  This clutch by Khirma is so, so perfect. I love the color combinations and textures of the different leathers. YUM!  A beachy fun nailpolish for the vacations ahead.  And these plates that scream spring are lovely in their mixed and matched setting.

I guess I have the beach on my mind.  We have Spring Break coming up....and that is exactly where we are going.  How do you feel about this color?