You can never have too many coffee table books

Just like a woman can never have too many shoes, a home can never have too many coffee table books.  Not only do they beautifully dress up tables and shelves but they always offer the prettiest of inspiration and may even tell a little about you.  Are your books about fashion? interiors? artists? places? An eclectic, like me? Now matter how many times I have leaved through a certain book I always seem to discover something new each time I pick it again.  I also think they are the perfect present to give and receive. 

I usually buy coffee table books for their content, but have been known to also by them for their cover, because let's face it, some covers are works of art in themselves. Usually you can't judge a book by its cover, but sometimes you can.  Whenever I go to a wonderful museum exhibit I love getting a book about it to keep.  And if I go to an interesting place I might get a book from there as well.  Are there any books you are currently coveting?  What do your coffee table books say about you? Here are a few that I have and love or that are in my lust list-

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