Pink Interior Design Inspiration

Pink is certainly having its moment- from pale pink coats to pink in home interiors. I have to say I really like it love it (says the girl who used used to have fuchsia curtains in her living room). Aside from being such a pretty and youthful color pink is also calming and reassuring. Pink can be sweet and relaxing when mixed with other light colors, or cool and edgy when mixed with deeper more contrasting hues. Here is some varied pink interior inspiration.

Adding pink to your home can be as easy as adding some pink books to your table, pink pillows to your couch, or even a pink lampshade.  Or you could commit 100% to the color by the painting walls or by adding pink furniture.  I have to say I think owning a piece of pink furniture would be quite exciting.

Would you invest in a pink classic piece?  or do you prefer adding that pop of pink with small accessories?

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