Drinks || A Cozy Winter Cocktail

There is nothing cozier than sitting by the fire curled up with a furry blanket with a yummy cocktail on hand.  It has been freezing in Dallas lately (which I love!) so thoughts of cozy evenings by the fire abound here right now.  byejoe 'red' liquor is the star in today's cozy wintery cocktail.  byejoe is a reinvention of China’s ancient spirit baijiu, the equivalent to Mexico's tequila or Russia's vodka. You may remember last year I prepared a holiday cocktail with byejoe that was also delicious (see it here)byejoe 'red' is distilled from 100% red sorghum, one of the world's most important grains which is rich in antioxidants, B vitamins and is an excellent source of protein. It is also one of the only grains that is naturally gluten free. Sounds like the perfect base for today's cocktail!  Here is the recipe for today's libation- Beijing Bitter-

I added nonpareile's (one of my all-time favorite sweets) for embellishment.  The bittersweet orange and chocolate combination is delicious.  You can get a byejoe bottle online here or find a store or restaurant near you that carries it (see here).  My husband was a fan. We think this drink would be an ideal after dinner drink served with a tray of sweets.  It would be the perfect way to escort your dinner guests from the table back to the comfortable sofas in your living room helping extend that lively conversation for longer.  After all, aren't the after dinner conversations the most interesting?

Cin Cin!!  To a wonderful 2015 ahead.

[all photos by AC. byejoe c/o]