An Inspired Workspace and Weekend Links

What a great table and desk area overall.  I have a lot of work to do this weekend so an inspired desk area seemed fitting on this Friday morning.  I would feel the need to be extra productive and efficient in this setting.  The black marble Apollo stool kills me every time I see it.  Isn't it a work of art?  Here are a few links to leave you with this weekend-

|| You all know I love a good tablescape so I loved reading this article about the trend on more elaborate and whimsical designs for the table.

||  Would you ever swap your house for a vacation?  Like in the movie The Holiday?  Nicole, from Sketch42 did over the Holidays and what a cool house she got.  Read all about the house they swapped for in LA and the company though which they organized it all here.

||  Do you remember when I introduced you to Katie Craig's amazing artwork here? And do you remember the piece I have of hers that made its debut on the One Room Challenge.  This purple and gold painting here?

Well, she is having an exclusive sale through February 14th.  So get your Valentine's Day gift early before she sells out. She is offering 20% off to all Mimosa Lane readers with code LOVE15.  See her work here. I love this one-

Have a wonderful weekend!!  Oh and who watches House of Cards??  I just binge watched season 1 and 2!!  OMG I was not expecting that at all.  You could say I was obsessed for one week. can't wait for it to start back up next month, but I don't have HBO! What am I going to do?? If you haven't seen it-DO. It's very entertaining, fast paced and the characters completely unscrupulous.