Art to Outfit || Sparkly Blues

I was never very sure of wearing something entirely made up of sequins...but then I saw this blue dress (on sale!!). With that beautiful silhouette and perfect blue hues I think I may need to reconsider.  Do you all have your holiday outfits planned?  I have a few holiday dresses ( you know- red plaid, gold and black, or Christmassy green) that I kind of rotate year-in and year-out.  But it would be fun to get a new dress this year.  And this one you could even wear for New year's again.  And wait till you see the back!  It is very pretty. 

Let's talk about the art.  I have had Karina Bania's site bookmarked for a while.  Her work is beautiful and affordable which is always a nice plus. Her paintings have an earthy feel and are very calming.  I think you will really like her work- see it here.  I have always loved Olympia Le-Tan's beautiful book clutches. They are so original and how perfect is this one for the Holidays?  The shoes are just an easy and comfortable pair that pretty much go with everything and you can use them year-round. The earrings are pretty and festive and only $28!

Tell me. What fun plans do you have this coming week?  Do you like to dress up even if your gathering is at home?  I do! We spend Christmas Eve at home. We prepare a beautiful dinner, set a beautiful table, get dressed up, and drink champagne - all with my most favorite people in the world.  It doesn't get better than that.  How do you celebrate?