Trending || Black (or very dark) Walls

Black (or very dark grey) walls are "in" no doubt.  I'm a huge fan.  I had very bright colors in my previous home and toned everything down dramatically this time around.  We have a dark grey library, a chocolate brown bedroom and a dark blue living room.  I feel like these colors are very elegant, cozy and calming.  But I am totally intrigued by black rooms now.  It wasn't until Jessie's fabulous One Room Challenge reveal (which you need to see stat if you haven't yet) that this subconscious attraction became conscious.  Black walls are not only trending, they are sophisticated and lend themselves to both contemporary and classic design. What do you think?

Yes? or a little too daring? One thing is for sure it helps if you have good sources of light and maybe even high ceilings.

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