Printing your Memories || Instantly Framed

Simplification is a good thing this time of year.  With so many errands to run right before the Holidays any little extra help is greatly appreciated and can go a long way.  We have our homes to prepare for the holidays and for family coming into town, school gatherings to volunteer in, festive functions to attend, family recipes to make, gifts to start crossing off the are probably on the same boat and know exactly what I'm talking about. When I found out about Instantly Framed I was pleasantly surprised.  They can print, frame and ship any photo from your phone, Instagram, or Facebook account.  If you have a cute photo you want to print and frame there is no easier way to get it done. And for those hard-to-gift people on your list this is a great alternative.  Instantly Framed will print, frame and ship it for you. Isn't it ideal? 

I had been wanting to print this photo.  I just loved the visual of my daughter's leopard slip-on sneaks next to my leopard heels. I love the comparison and the contrast. It reminds me of how similar we are, yet how much of an individual she is. With this photo I visualize the great responsibility I have to raise and educate this amazing human being so she can reach her full potential.  I'm such a lucky mom to have such a sweet angel in my life. Funny, how a simple photo can carry so much meaning. What kind of treasures would you liked framed? It is all about archiving memories.

Instantly Framed's flat rate is $65 which includes free 3 day shipping.  Sounds pretty good to me. And for all Mimosa Lane readers you will get a $10 discount with your order with code: CIMIMOSALANE10 (it expires Monday, Dec. 15). So hurry!!  Go to Instantly Framed here.

[all photos by AC]