I need a Pink Sheep Skin, but don't we all?

Ever since I saw this all I want to do is go to Ikea get me a sheep skin and dye it pink!  It could be done right? What is it about pink fluffy things anyway?  If I'm feeling brave during Thanksgiving break I will try it and let you know how the experiment goes. But I'm not sure I have a large enough pot to do this....hmmmm....While I think this through here are a few links before you go off on your Thanksgiving vacation.

|| Marshmellow shot glasses?  YUM! I would be willing to try these.

||  I love winter whites. And this cozy poncho seems like the next best thing to being in your pajamas.

|| You will like this table setting. How are you decorating your Thanksgiving table?

I will be popping in next week with some more gift guides and an exciting giveaway from Minted!!  If you haven't ordered your Christmas cards hold off in case you win the giveaway.  I will try and post it by Monday so you have plenty of time to order them or should I wait after Thanksgiving week? I will be planning our Thanksgiving menu, which is so exciting as it is my favorite meal of the year. Have a wonderful weekend.

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