Rose and Ivy || The Launch

I'm so excited to share with you the launch of a new online lifestyle quarterly magazine called Rose and Ivy. It is filled with amazing recipes (like the crepe and blueberry cake pictured above. Doesn't it make you almost want to lick the screen?), fashion editorials, shoppable trends, articles on beauty, and interiors.   Rose and Ivy is the brainchild of Alison who was one of my first blog friends. I'm just so proud of her as this project really blends all her loves and talents into this work of art that is Rose and Ivy. This is an impressive labor of love.  Her photography and styling are absolutely breathtaking throughout. Come read this first volume that is inspired by still lives- it will elevate your soul.

A true feast for the eyes right?  And these photos are just a very limited sampling. She has a plum and rose tart recipe in there that I'm dying to try.  I have always loved her recipes.  Her lemon meyer olive cake is one of our favorites here, which I find myself baking quite often.  And, her photography is just spectacular.  You will enjoy this read for sure.  Read Rose and Ivy here.  

[all photos via Rose and Ivy]