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I'm so excited because today marks the first day of October and of the Fall One Room ChallengeThe One Room Challenge was started by Linda from Calling it Home some years ago where she lines up twenty very talented professional bloggers and designers to redo a room in just six weeks.  We will update you every Wednesday for the next six weeks on our progress. This is my second time participating (you can see my first One Room Challenge here) and I'm just thrilled and honored to be among such talented ladies.  So let me tell you about the room I chose to design-

My walk-in closet.  I chose my closet for several reasons.  One of them is budget- the closet is small so I could get more bang for my buck here.  And even though it has good bones it could use some work.  After all, what woman doesn't love a beautiful closet?  This leads me to the second reason for chosing my closet- it's my little escape. It is far removed from the home's center of all the hustle and bustle, so a relaxing and pretty retreat would be welcome here. It is narrow and long and there isn't much light.  The shelves and drawers are perfect. The closet just needs some personality and some serious organizing. This is it-

This is what you see when you enter the closet. This is the South wall.  It has space for a little window seat which is ideal to put your shoes on in the morning or rest my handbag.  Also, I think the window could use a little shade to dress it up.  As you can see the floors are beautiful so I don't need much of a rug. The pulls are gold, so I have a pretty good starting point.

This is the East wall, which has another window.  I really wanted to wallpaper the closet but the price just isn't in my budget so I'm thinking I need to paint instead. 

I'm thinking this space here could use a wall mirror in between the shelves.  It would be ideal to showcase my jewelry (if you are a reader you know I'm obsessed with anything jewelry) and maybe some art. So I'm thinking this could work as a kind of vanity.  I already keep my perfumes here.

I need to get rid of this lighting asap.  I'm thinking some cute chandeliers would be perfect.

As you can see the closet itself is in good shape but it could use some excitement.  I would love for the overall feel of the closet to be a little Parisian, a little romantic, and very feminine.  Here are some photos that were inspiring me.

Pinks, grays and lilacs are on my mind for my closet.  And some gold for sure.  I have narrowed my to-do list to the following-

1 ||   Walls.  I need to paint the walls.  I only have three walls to paint but need to keep in mind that it's already dark in here so I need to keep the palette nice and light.  Since I really wanted to do wallpaper I'm a bit insecure that paint will be enough.  For this reason I'm thinking I could add a bit of trim to the walls.  But will have to wait and see. 

2  ||  Shades and window seat.  I need to find a fabric for the shades and the window seat.

3 ||  Lighting.  Those lights have to go.  Gold would be the perfect material to add for the lighting.  I do want a little drama so maybe I can accomplish this by finding some fun, gold pendants.

4 ||  Rug.  I want a little rug in here.  Nothing too large because I really love my floors but would love to get something fluffy and girlie.
5 || Accessories.  I need a wall mirror to kind of mark my vanity area in my shelves.  Plus, some trays and art to decorate and add those beautiful touches that make a room so much more personal.
The challenge in this room will be to add glamour and make it unique when neither the space nor budget are very big.

I'm so ready to get started and create a little glam corner for myself.  Let me know any suggestions or ideas you may have!  Oh and you can join in as well if you are up to it. Here is how. And here are the other One Room Challenge participants.  Visit them and see that they will be working on.

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