On My Mind || Simple Things

Just a few simple yet beautiful luxuries for you today. Nothing over the top, well maybe one thing- the fabulous shrug!  I'm short on words today so here is everything-

Marble Tray ||  White marble is one of the prettiest things, especially when paired with gold.  I can envision a yummy selection of cheeses, dried apricots and sea salted crackers here. This is a beautiful and practical piece and at $45 a great deal.

Lotus pendant || I actually saw this one today in person and I was impressed.  There are quite a few expensive versions of this and I have to say this World market one is pretty good. Just sayin'

Nude Heels||  These are stunning and go with pretty much anything.  They are so simple and elegant.

Gold Rimmed Plates ||  These are the perfect addition to embellish any dish pattern you may already have. The magic is in the mixing and I think these would mix very well. They are $29 for a set of four.

Gold Flatware || I always mention these when I see them because it reminds me I need to get four more sets.  I currently have enough for 8 people but think being able to serve 12 would be so much more fun.

Shoulder Shrug ||  I love bows and this is just so cute!  it looks fabulous on the model and instantly dresses up any simple outfit.