What Lies Beneath

I will be fashioning some shoes while I tour you around to show you some of our home's rugs. But what I really want to focus on is what lies beneath...and what is that??!  Why the rug pads, of course!  I have some good rug pads and some cheap rug pads and the difference is like night and day.  Did you know that cheap rug pads can potentially ruin your hardwood floors.  This is why little by little I will be upgrading all my pads.  The best source I have found so far for high quality rug pads is Rug Pad USA.  They have eco-friendly products, which is rare since the market is flooded with toxic pvc imported rug pads, plus they are made right here in the US.  Additionally, they can even be custom cut to fit your rug specifications at no extra charge. This for me is quite the selling point. Ok, so here are some of my rugs and more shoes-

But now I will reveal to you the ugly truth of what lies beneath...these are what some of my cheap rug pads look like.

Not so sexy anymore, right? Uhm, I am a little embarrassed actually.  But now let me show you what a good, strong, made in the USA, with a 15-20 year warranty, hardwood friendly rug pad looks like- this one is from Rug Pad USA.

Now, this rug pad my friends, gives you that extra bounce in your step.  I cannot  stress to you enough what a huge difference it makes.  It just makes the rug look fuller and the experience of walking on it richer.  It feels quite luxurious as you walk on it.  Now I really want to upgrade all my rug pads stat Rug Pad USA has a fabulous chart to help you pick the best rug pad for you weather you are using it on a hardwood floor, tile or linoleum floor.  They have an a rug pad option for noise reduction. See the chart here.

[rug pad c/o Rug Pad USA. All images by AC]