Best Housewarming Gifts (for your really good friends)

I love house warming gifts!  I have been in the receiving end recently and cannot lie-they are fun to get.  Even though I have not had a house warming party yet my sweet friends and family have been so generous with their gifts.  Some of these gifts made the list above and others were so unique to us that they would not make sense to add them here.  

Like for example, my sweet friend found a wine for us called Albertina from this winery. What a find!  And can you believe it tastes delicious?  We are on our second order.  We joke with people and tell them we recently bought a winery.  Talk about the perfect gift.  Also, bath salts are pretty clever and totally helped sooth my achy moving muscles. We love our gardenia plant my aunt gave us. And this acrylic tray with our address that my old high school friend gave me has been a life saver.  It served us well all summer long around the pool.  I need to get new address labels and thought these were so fun.  And really, those gold foil cocktail napkins?  You don't have to move to get those...they are gorgeous!

Anything on this list would make any of your friends so happy.  What has your favorite house warming gift been?