A Designer to Know || Adriana Hoyos

I was thrilled to meet Adriana Hoyos last week in her new showroom in Dallas.  She has been in the interior design industry for 25 years and in this time she has designed seven furniture collections  and has finished 500-plus interior design projects.  I guess we can say she is very productive! Her residential projects are stunning as well as her hospitality ones. Adriana's style is classic and very Zen-like with sleek and simple lines. I would call it a soft contemporary. She creates warm spaces through her plentiful use of wood and she adds texture through her luxurious fabrics.  She has been showcased in numerous regional, national and international publications, such as Architectural Digest, Interior Design, and Hola Decoracion.  Here are some photos of her showroom-

I also really love her shelving units and mostly I want two of these huge candle branches for my dining table.  Wouldn't that make a fabulous centerpiece?  What do you think?  could you use some of these pieces in your home? To see Adriana Hoyo's portfolio visit here and for her products visit here.

[all photos by AC]