Unforgettable Paris

I'm really excited to share some of our Paris mother-daughter photos with you! Eeek!  The very talented Katie Donnelly, took them for us in a mini photo session we did.  I found her online and just really liked her portfolio.  The friend I was traveling with and I split the photo session, so we each got about one hour with Katie.  She was so wonderful to work with and the kids adored her which made the entire session so much easier. As much as I love photography traveling with kids makes it more difficult to actually take photos.  First of all, you have less time to concentrate on a shot because they don't have much patience.  And second, you are carrying so much extra 'kid' stuff like water, snacks, sweater for if it gets cold...that the camera just adds that extra bulk (and I was not even including the lenses!), that scheduling a little photo session to commemorate the trip was brilliant in my book.  Additionally, since I'm usually the one in my family to take all most photos I rarely make an appearance.  I have very few photos with my baby...so this photo session in Paris was a real treasure and such a treat.

oh and full disclosure...these were taken after a long day so I'm not even wearing make-up. So Katie gets even more credit for making me look decent! If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw the necklace I'm wearing here. It's by Mignonne Gavigan and I have to tell you I have worn it all summer....from dressy...to casual with white shorts and a white tee. It is a true conversation starter.


[all photos by Katie Donnelly]