The Airplantman

I am in love with this discovery.  The Airplantman is my latest obsession. It is the brain child of Josh Rosen, landscape architect, artist and horticulturist. He has elevated (literally!) the airplant to an art form by creating a beautiful array of vessels to compliment these air plants creating really sculptural pieces. He has blurred the line between plant and art. If you are a newbie like me an airplant is a plant that thrives suspended on air with no need for soil. You just have to submerge them beneath water once a week for several hours (easy, peasy).  This is my type of plant for sure-low maintenance and dramatic- exactly my cup of tea.

I just also love the large frames that display a collection of plants.  What a beautiful piece this would be on a wall. Now you too can be a trendsetter and have your very own vertical garden. The frame comes with a starter kit for seven airplants. I think the single vessels would make such a unique and memorable gift!  Instead of sending a bouquet of flowers send your lucky recipient one (or two or three!) of these (they come in wood, ceramic and coated steel with its own airplant.

Sometimes the simplest things are the most original don't you think?

[all photos via The Airplantman]