On our way

We leave this afternoon for Spain.  We are so, so excited!!  Of course I still have a few lose ends to tie before we leave so I will be running around this morning but the bags are almost finished and are smiles are on vacation mode as I write this.  In case you didn't know- we go to Spain every year to visit my husband's family.  Aside from family warmth that we are craving, we are ready for the Mediterranean sun, the beach, the meringues, the architecture, the food..... (here is a recap of our last trip.  And here recaps to our other Spain trips as well- part onepart two, and another one here). I won't be live posting but you can follow our adventures via Instagram here.

I'm pretty much following my packing tips here.  This time most of my wardrobe is actually black and white so everything can mix and match.  Of course, I'm bringing along some fabulous accessories like this amazing Mignonne Gavigan necklace (you may remember my post on this designer here) It is simply fabulous and can be dressed up or down.  Perfect to be the chic tourist roaming around in the streets of Malaga, Madrid or Paris.  Oh, did I tell you I'm taking Little Miss A. to Paris for the first time?  Our stay will be short.  Just 3 nights but boy do we have some amazing plans. 

When I get back I will do a post on a 3 day plan for Paris with kids and I will hopefully come back with great and fresh ideas to share with you.  Mainly, I just look forward to spending time with my family, having long conversations, eating well, visiting beautiful spots and museums and strolling.  I do love strolling and taking it all in mindfully.

What do you look forward to for your next vacation?

[photo by AC]