Happy Father's Day Weekend


Wishing all the dads and grandfathers a wonderful day on Sunday. I'm extra happy that I get to spend it with my father again this year. This is quite the treat around here.  My daughter has big plans (as usual!). She wants to make him a special body lotion (from scratch. Let's see how we pull this off) with some rosemary from our garden.  You all know I like my DIY's a little lotion does not scare me. So, we purchased bees wax and coconut lotion today. Let's see what develops.  I promise to report back.  We will hopefully also get to bake a lavender and chocolate cake and grill up some fancy burgers. And some links-

|| I'm in love with this cute pink skirt. I can't pull it off, but I'm sure some of you can.

|| I loved this round-up of Moroccan finds by Danielle.

|| I got this as a housewarming present with my address and thought it was genius!  I just got it for a friend who just moved.  paying it forward- ya know?

|| Loving this cute store that does monograms

Pamper, indulge and enjoy your fathers this weekend (and always! but especially this weekend).  Have a wonderful one.