Blue and White Inspiration for a Potential Garden Project


This blue and white obsession of mine has been taking form in me for quite some time but I just wasn't sure how to incorporate it into my home in a way that felt true to me and my style.  I let this minor obsession sit on the back-burner of my mind until the shadow of an idea could mature into a full fledged tangible plan. I want to share with you my outdoor project idea.  

Maybe you can help me think it through as I do have some hesitations. But let's begin with the overall blue and white feel. The above dress (which is the cutest thing ever for summer) is $17!  What?!  Cute, cheap and blue and white? This sounds like a great deal to me. I just had to share it with you.  I dream of visiting this church in Port, Portugal just to take some photos that I can then enlarge and put in my guest bathroom (walls will remain empty until I do!).  Sandy of You May be Wandering has a great post on the blue and white beauty of Portugal here. And some other blue and white images- beware this look is contagious... I caught it from the Pink pagoda for sure-

Don't you just love that iPhone case? and the cake? Ok, so here is my project idea.  I need your opinion. Is this going to work?  Below is the fence behind our pool.  It is pretty but I need to add some excitement.

I was thinking to decorate the central part of the fence with a whole bunch of blue and white plates and hang them to make a sort of wavy pattern.  Here are my questions- will they brake so easily? what is the best way to hang them so as to take care of the fence and minimize rust.  Will it ruin my fence?  What other issues could arise? I used photoshop to give you a sense of what I have in mind.

is this cuckoo? or does it have potential?  help!! What is your advice.

And here is some blue and white shopping inspiration for you and your table.