Art Swap Reveal

Way back in December Nicole from Sketch42 tagged me to be a part of an "Art Swap" where she tagged fellow bloggers and creative friends to swap home-made things for the holidays.  I  carried this idea forward with my version of the "Art Swap" and tagged some of my blogger friends to do the same.  Packages were sent and received and finally I have some photos to show you of the amazing treats I was gifted.  I have to say I feel totally pampered by these sweet girls.  Let me show you around- First off, we have Elizabeth from The Little Black Door.  She told me that one of her biggest talents was treasure hunting so she sent me this fabulous brass vase she found while thrifting. It is now one of my favorite pieces in my home!

Next, we have Danielle from Danielle Oakey Interiors. She sent this beautiful small painting, which now resides in my office windowsill. It looks right at home with all these bright colors.

Nadia from Preciously Me is now designing some fun gold foil prints (they will be coming to her shop soon).  This one says "I'm a blogger, what's your superpower?" So fun!  And I love the turquoise  against the grey bookcase.

Gaby from The Vault Files sent me one of her peony prints to accompany one I had already bought from her.  They make quite pair together no?  I just love the pop of pink in this black and white wall.

Erin from Holtwood Hipster made that beautiful black box out of rocks and a can!  It is exactly perfect for my desk.  I just love how creative she is.

Elisa from Fancy Free Me made me these breathtaking chevron coasters.  I just adore them and have used them for the few celebrations we have had this year.  How fun to give a gift that is always used in such festive occasions.  I think she needs to open an Etsy store no?

Jennifer from The Pink Pagoda made this beautiful ginger jar for my daughter's gallery wall.  Together we analyzed what colors we needed to add to this wall and I just love how fresh and young this print feels.  The blue and white adds so much freshness and much needed balance to the gallery wall.  And even accompanies a few of her other prints I had previously purchased from her (this one and this one).

Jessica from The Aestate sent me THE ORIGINAL  Agave print.  You all know I adore her and her work so it is such a treat to have an original Jessice Rowe!  SO amazing for my art collection.  And the horse's tail above is the one Nicole from Sketch42 sent me from her original Art Swap. The movement of the tail combined with the defined thigh muscle is just beautiful.

I hope that was worth the wait!  Thank you to everyone who participated! My home sure is prettier and cozier because of you.