The Outdoor Hammock

A hammock has such a special meaning to me.  For me, laying on one almost equates to the official start of summer.  We used to hang one between the trees in the woods.  It was so much fun to test it and see if it was tight enough because you never knew if you were the one destined to fall flat on your bottom if it wasn't.  I remember taking the best naps on earth on it. And, of course, it would also set the stage for the best of intimate conversations when two of us where in it together, laying in opposite directions so we could talk and swing at the same time.  Our hammock was woven with such a beautiful design in the prettiest colors. And so now that I'm starting to come up with a plan for our porch I'm thinking I really need a hammock.

Via Elle Decor I found a great site called Hang a Hammock that makes a very similar black and white hammock (they also have a shop on etsy here).  They are handmade in Nicaragua and are around $100 depending on the style.  Have you ever taken a nap in one?  Now sleeping an entire night is a completely different thing.  I have done this as well and would not recommend it one bit.

To finish off your look- get this cute striped top, white jeans and the perfect summer glasses for your freshly squeezed lemonade.