One Room Challenge || Week 6 - The Reveal

Today is One Room Challenge Reveal! Finally!  Such high expectations all around- so I hope the photos don't disappoint you. I need to tell you, as a disclaimer, how difficult it was to take the photos.  With the large windows and so many reflective surfaces it was a nightmare.  I hope they convey the real beauty of the room.

This One Room Challenge was started by Linda from Calling it Home some years ago.  In this challenge she lines up twenty talented interior designers and professional bloggers to redo a room in their home in just six weeks- we update you once a week on Wednesdays. And today is not only Wednesday but it also the BIG REVEAL. I decorated our family room.  (In case you missed it here are the previous posts).   Without further ado- Our Family Room.

Let's start the tour with this bright corner. Originally, the acrylic chairs were supposed to go around the table, which left these two pink beauties (from Olive and Sabrina) hidden behind the sofa....but I could not bear it.  Aside from them being so comfortable, they are also just spectacular so I changed them to this corner where everyone can enjoy them visually, plus they make the corner more inviting and integrated with the rest of the room.  I just love how they dress up this bright corner.  Also, I'm crazy in love with my faux fiddle fig tree.  It was less expensive than a real one and I don't have to stress over it (and with my black thumb this is exactly what was going to happen). Since both of our families live abroad we travel often for extended periods of time making it difficult to keep a finicky tree. Perfect solution.  Also, I'm loving the succulent arrangement here.  They get the perfect amount of sunlight.

And here is my beautiful wood and brass credenza in all its glory!  You remember when I blogged about its design here.  It is really fabulous in person.  A bit elegant, but goes nicely with our open kitchen concept.  I wanted the styling around the TV to be simple yet powerful (too bad TVs have to be so ugly and large!).

I love the large horns on one side and my husband's lamps together with my very talented friend's artwork in the other.

The large graphic prints from Minted really add personality to the room and pair perfectly with the marble print.  I loved mixing these with Gaby's peony photographs to soften the look up a bit and tie in the pink to the rest of the room.  The acrylic chairs are perfect for extra seating when needed.  

These two photos below will give you a sense for thethree walls and how they related to each other. The sofa is so comfortable by the way.

Behind the sofa is the kitchen (for those curious minds wondering about the fourth wall). And now to what I like to call the pink wall.  In this mostly pink corner, I just love the pop of black here from the Lamps Plus lamp. I love its retro look paired with all that bronze yumminess.  Can I tell you how much I love my brass peacock? I bought from Tobe from Because It's Awesome. I saw it in her photos during one of the beginning weeks of the One Room Challenge and emailed her asking whether it was inventory for her store or whether it was for sale.  And I totally lucked out because it was for sale.  Tobe finds the best brass items.  She is currently stocked up with beautiful pieces that you need to see now before she sells out. And the brass planter?!  Another piece of heaven in this vignette from Charmaine's Olive and Sabrina store.  Charmaine has special powers for finding the best furniture and accents.  She scours Craig's List in different cities and blogs about it.  The pink chairs are from her, get her blog on your reading list asap!  Also, the mongolian lamb stools are one of my favorite DIYs ever. I have my very talented friend Nadia to thank for that creation (she was the mastermind behind that beauty of a stool).

And you all know Jenny Andrews' fabulous work right?  Her store is brimming with beautiful art right now. Get it. That portrait is supposed to be my daughter. Not even close, plus the little girl looks mad. But I like its colors and composition. And did you see that small fish?  I caught it in camp when I was 9.  And I was able to score one of Sally King Benedict's face pieces.  Love it.

Below are some other details. Around the sofa I wanted a dynamic and free space so I avoided a coffee table.  Yet, my husband was in dire need of a surface to put the hot milk he likes to drink at night- enter the perfect compromise: a fabulous and small gold tree stump.  The Missoni throw was an impulse buy from Gilt.  I had a long-standing credit of a few things I had returned.  I thought the blanket was the perfect combination of beauty, luxury, coziness, and sale price. 

I love the pink peonies behind the pink pillows.

Here are the sources- 

Rug: Stark Carpet (old) | Sofa: Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams | Credenza: Designed by yours truly (post here) | Credenza legs: Ferrous Hardware (Dunbar Legs) post here. | Horns: The Zhush | Single Lamp on white desk: Lamps Plus (c/o) | two lamps on black and gold Credenza: designed by my husband. Post here | Pink abstract painting: Jenny Andrews | Art Deco vase: Olive and Sabrina  | Brass peacock: 200 Main  |  Brass tray: High Street market | Alexa Chung Book White Desk: West Elm | Mongolian Lamb Stools: DIY. Post here | Pink Brass chairs : Olive and Sabrina | Round crank Table: Mecox | White and gold bowl | Black and white prints over Credenza: Marian Lefeld | Little Girl in white frame: Patricio Reig | Agave Print: the Aestate | Horse's tail: Nicole Cohen | Two large geometric prints: Minted (c/o) | A Study in Marbling Print | Peony Photographs: Gaby Burger (The vault Files) | Acrylic Chairs: Mecox | Sheep Skin: Ikea | Blanket: Missoni | Small Face painting: Sally King Benedict | Gold tree Stump: Arteriors too | Agate Bookends: Homegoods

I love, love our new room and can't wait to start really living it and gathering family and friends here.  A huge thank you to Linda for organizing this amazing challenge and for permitting me to be a part of it. Working tirelessly, Linda has built an amazing enterprise with this series that truly unites so many talented bloggers around the world. This is no small feat.  The One Room Challenge has been an unbelievable experience, not only because it forced me to attack this room head-on but also, because it connected me to such a supportive and unbelievably talented group of designers/bloggers from all around the world. Thanks Linda!!

Also, a huge thank you to our sponsors- Minted for the amazing prints that really establish the mood of this room and to Lamps Plus for this magnificent lamp that adds so much excitement and interest.  And now, let's see everyone's reveals!!  I can't wait another minute-