On My Mind || Things for the Home

My daughter adores to ride her bicycle. I think its the sense of freedom and independence that makes it so appealing.  This coupled with the fact that the weather is exactly perfect right now, meaning no mosquitoes and perfect temperatures, means I need to buy a bike stat so I can go on adventures with her.  You can imagine how thrilled I was to find such pretty bikes for $300.  Plus delivery is free.  What do you think? Would you risk it and buy a bike online you have never seen?  Hmmmm....

The croquet set is ideal as a hostess gift for a long weekend stay or even for father's day.  it looks way more expensive than $55. You would be the most elegant guest to bring such a sophisticated gift.  It is not how expensive a gift is but how thoughtful it is.  This is a winner.  This painting is so pretty.  And for those of you who liked my black and brass piece from the ORC I found this credenza that is slightly reminiscent of mine and has a pretty nice price too. You all know I love my pinks.  The stemless flutes are so cute and great at $45 for 6.  Aaaahhhh malachite!!  I think anything you eat on these plates would just taste divine.  And last but not least who has space for this fab jaguar mural??  

Happy Thursday! You almost made it to the long weekend.  I hope to post the recipe of the yummy fruit tart I made last weekend so you have a recipe to try if you are hosting this weekend. xx