Memorial Day Sale || Lulu and Georgia

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I never really pay attention to the big sales that run on holidays ( My motto is "It is not a good deal if I don't need it". I don't care how big the price reduction is) but I am excited about this year's Memorial Day sales.  Having just moved recently there are so many things I need that I have actually paid close attention to everything coming up. Of course, now with so many rooms to decorate and finalize things for the home are at the top of my list. And of course I was just thrilled when I found out that Lulu and Georgia is having a 25% sale with code MEMORIALDAY25 starting tomorrow thru May 26th, so start browsing today. 

These beauties I have above are just a few I have been coveting continuously.  The rugs and mirrors are really just so beautiful! Decision, decisions.  The image above is actually clickable.  You should be able to click on the item that you are curious about and it will take you  directly to it.

What are you hoping to score this Memorial Day Weekend?  I also urgently need suitacases....ayayay

[all images via Lulu and Georgia]