High School Reunion Weekend

I'm headed up to Boston this weekend for my high school reunion! Eeek! So excited to see my good friends who I get to see often enough and curious about others I haven't seen in a while.  Follow me on Instagram for the complete scoop.  The weather seems like it doesn't want to cooperate with all the cute outfits I want to wear.  Hmmmm.  Have you been to a high school reunion recently? Anything fun and exciting occur?  Do tell! please!

A huge thank you to The Hunted Interior for featuring my pink pineapple pillow.  See the beautiful post here.  And you must check out Kristin's patio re-design on the Home Depot blog. She is my hero!

Also, don't forget to enter the Via Blossom giveaway if you want to maybe win some of the prettiest party supplies around!  Enter here.  Fingers crossed for you.

Have a fabulous weekend! Bring on the prep!

**  update ** our flight go cancelled.....and they had no spots on any of their flights out the rest of the day or tomorrow morning.....so I will not be going to the reunion.....