One Room Challenge || Week 4 - Accesories or shall I say icing on the cake

Today is One Room Challenge Day! If you are new and don't know what the One Room Challenge is it was started by Linda from Calling it Home some years ago.  In this challenge she lines up twenty talented interior designers and professional bloggers to redo a room in their home in just six weeks- we update you once a week on Wednesdays. And today is Wednesday and I'm updating our family room.  (in case you missed it here is last week's post where I talk about the art that will go in the room.   Today, I want to talk about the icing on the cake when it comes to designing a room - accessories! Here are some of the things that are making the cut.

Lamp ||  This lamp is not my typical choice....but just loved the fact that it is different and more modern than my current lamps.  Plus, it goes really well with the DIY lighting my husband did, which you will see later in the post- match made in heaven.  Lamps Plus who is a One Room Challenge sponsor was so nice to offer this lamp for my room design.  It adds edge and coolness and a kind of 70s vibe that I'm really digging.

Brass Tray ||  I can't tell you how long I have had this tray.  I think well over  a year.  I did not have the right place for it in our old home so it is 'trΓ¨s' excited to come out and play.  It is so feminine and elegant.  The perfect accessory.

Book ||  My friend gave me this book, and in all honsty the reason I love it is because it is pink!  Can you believe I haven't even opened it yet....

Horn || From my first One Room Challenge post you know I was inspired by some images where the credenza's were styled with horns.  Jennifer from the Chic Pad was nice enough to tell me that I could find Jessica's faux elephant tusks on ebay or amazon.  And she was right!  Amazon sells one here.  I adore the look, but alas, I'm no copy cat so decided to go with this cool yak horn instead.  What it lacks in drama it makes up in elegance.

Burlwood Boxes ||  I'm pondering these!  I have always wanted some and I think they would look amazing with the set-up I have in mind.

Aside from these pretty things I also want to incorporate my faux malachite boxes.  I think they could look really cool on top of my black and brass credenza which should have arrived last week.

Also, my husband's DIY three filament lamp creation (seen below) will go on the credenza as well alongside another one of his creations- a 5 bulb lamp).

Here are my husband's DIY lamps and the Lamps Plus beauty- all waiting for the credenza to arrive.

Also, I scored some agate bookends at Home Goods, but if you follow me on Instagram you knew this already.  The problem is that after I painted the exterior with the gold leafing pen my husband fell in love with them and wanted them for his library.  So I went back to Home Goods to see if they had another pair. And they did, but they are fuschia....lovely color but am not sure they go right with the I need to see what to do.

This corner is coming together  with things we owned already.  The idea behind this little set-up is to have a place where we could play cards, do homework, work on the lap-top.  So, we could coin it the multi-function corner.  It obviously gets so much light and I didn't want to detract from the view so I thought the acrylic chairs here were exactly right.

I started hanging some art!!  I still have one piece missing, that has not arrived yet that goes in that blank space.  Read here to see all about the art for the room.

Ok, that is it for this week.  I will be impatiently/patiently be awaiting my credenza!!!  Let's go see what the other participants are up to this morning!