One Room Challenge || The credenza arrived and other leafy matters

Today is One Room Challenge Day! If you are new and don't know what the One Room Challenge is it was started by Linda from Calling it Home some years ago.  In this challenge she lines up twenty talented interior designers and professional bloggers to redo a room in their home in just six weeks- we update you once a week on Wednesdays. And today is Wednesday and I'm decorating our family room.  (In case you missed it here is last week's post where I talk about the accessories that will go in the room.   Today, I want to talk about a few things I have accomplished since last week.  Let's start with my beautiful credenza that arrived yesterday!  It is better than I envisioned!!  It is ravishing and kind of just steals the the rest of the room as elegant and exciting?

The truth is the rest of the room is much more casual.  But there is a big picture....since this family room shares the same space as my kitchen and I have a fabulous black marble with white veins back-splash (major drama factor) I think it will will play nicely in the grand scheme of the entire room.  Dying over the result of this credenza. So, so happy. 

I do not have a green thumb AT ALL so decided to fill a fabulous ceramic vase passed down to me from my mom (because she thought it was hideous. Hey! one person's trash is another person's treasure!) with succulents that are 'supposedly' easy to take care of.  Let see how long they last!

And continuing with this leafy theme....If you have been following this blog for a while you know I have been dying to own a fiddle fig leaf tree.  I knew they were kind of finicky so I had a long conversation with Jose over at Nicholson Hardie (best home/plant store in Dallas).  Jose is the BOSS in the indoor plant area and he gave me the lowdown on this tree. What he described to me was a very difficult care situation.  It turns out it is the only tree in the entire store that they won't guaranty.  Yikes! Not good news at all to an already unsure customer. And to remind you I do not have a green thumb, but I was really thinking I needed to get it and try it out anyway.  As I was pondering this situation in a deep dark corner I found the perfect solution.....this tree you see here:

But, it's a fiddle fig leaf tree?  How is this a solution? This is what you are asking yourselves, right?  Well, if you look closely it's a fake!!  Faux Fiddle Fig Leaf Tree. PERFECT! It was less expensive, it looks exactly real, and I get to really enjoy my investment forever!!  I adore it.  Even Z Gallerie is carrying faux fiffle fig trees nowadays.  So, excited about this purchase.

And here is the pillow situation...mixing some old pillows with a new pink velvet one with black and white trim.  Spend here, save know how the cookie crumbles.

I was not going to have a coffee table (I know it's almost blasphemy in the blogging world with all the amazing coffee styling posts out there!) because I just wanted the sofa to have easy access.  But then, my husband kept asking where he could put a glass of water or his hot milk? (yes, he loves drinking hot milk).  Well, it all fell into place when I saw this golden tree stump stool on super sale at the Arteriors outlet store.  It barely takes up room, it adds the perfect amount of sparkle, and my husband can place his drink there. Score on all fronts!

Ok, that is it for this week.  Sorry about the has been an iPhone photo kind of a week.  Next week is the big reveal!!!  Now, that is exciting.  I have so much work to do.  The real work begins now. This will be the toughest yet most exciting week.  Let's go see what the other participants are up to this morning!

Chez V