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Finally!  You all remember back in September I posted about transforming my old Crate and Barrel armoire into a Bar'Moire (see old post here) since our new home was lacking such a space.  I finally have a reveal for you and boy was it a fun one to both plan and make.  It is very different from how I originally envisioned it but am so happy with it.  I still might add a neon light somewhere. But here you go- (keep in mind it was difficult to photograph because of the angles and lighting.)

I painted the outside of the armoire a dark blue (a shade darker than the walls) so when the doors are closed it just kind of disappears in the room. I chose this amazing chartreuse for the inside.  When you open those doors your mood is definitely brightened and a more festive ambiance is set. After all, a bar, for us, is about getting friends together to celebrate with or without a motive.  The inside, because of its verdure thanks to the banana leaf fabric, also gives a sense of coziness so you are happy to go back to get a refill.  Its all about psychology in the end, isn't it? This bar'moire is so great for storage too! A winner all around.

I loved the idea of adding fun artwork, trays, books and candles so it becomes more than just a bar and more like an extension of your pretty living space.


Do you remember my post on byejoe, the spirit of China? Since its introduction to our home it has quickly become a way to treat guests to some new and exciting cocktails. See some of their delicious recipes here.  These cute cocktail napkins below are from Elisa from the Art Swap I posted on back in December (A full reveal of the Art Swap to come soon).  Aren't they ideal?  Thanks Elisa I adore them!


After we painted the armoire the real fun began.  I measured, cut and stapled some batting to the back and doors leaving an edge. I then stapled the leaf fabric (the fabric is out of stock but this one is similar) to the edge.  Then, I added the gimp to cover up the staples and secured it with brass nailheads that are just hammered in. Easy, peasy. Some action shots-

Ta-daaaa!!  That was it. Styling it was even more fun, of course.  Are you loving my ostrich egg?  It was a gift from my mom. She found it in an antique market.  I'm in love with it.

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Cin, Cin friends! 

[all photos by AC]